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There are no specific symptoms characteristic of cardiomyopathy alone. It is this feature that makes early diagnosis of the disease difficult. Cardiomyopathy is asymptomatic or slightly symptomatic for a long time, in the advanced stage it is similar in the clinic to the manifestations of coronary heart disease, various heart defects.

Similar changes also occur in hereditary metabolic disorders and lysosomal diseases of accumulation (rare diseases in which the function of intracellular organelles of lysosomes is impaired). Due to the innate shortage of enzymes that process carbohydrate-containing products, large molecules of glycogen, glycoprotein, etc. accumulate in the body, which damage the body. More than a hundred such diseases are known, but their prevalence is small. As a rule, they appear in childhood and young age and in addition to heart damage, they affect almost the entire body: bones, muscles, nervous system, vision and hearing. The most studied storage diseases are hemochromatosis, Piquet disease and Fabry disease.

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At the clinical level, all normotimic drugs, in addition to the ability to neutralize affective circular fluctuations, have a distinct antimaniacal effect. Antidepressant effect in therapeutic and, to a lesser extent, prophylactic use is much weaker. There is also evidence that all of them have a minimal regulatory or slowing effect on biological rhythms in general, including on circadiane. This, in particular, is found in the normalization of the rhythm "sleep - wakefulness," disturbed in patients with phase manifestations. Interestingly, other psychotropic drugs, primarily tricyclic antidepressants, as well as female hormonal drugs such as estradiol, act in the pro-positive direction and are able to accelerate biological rhythmic processes, including phase ones.

Calcium channel blockers are usually not as effective in preventing migraine as the above drugs. Studies comparing the efficacy of calcium channel blockers with placebo did not show a valid difference in results. However, in rare cases, individual patients respond very well to treatment with drugs of this group. Such patients often develop tachyphylaxis - a decrease in the therapeutic effect of drugs in the third or fourth month of treatment and it takes at least 1 month to restore the previous effectiveness.

Subsequently, it turned out that the main feature of this group of drugs is their ability to stimulate neurometabolic processes in the body, to exert an antihypoxic effect, i.e. to produce energy under hypoxia (increase glucose utilization) and, therefore, protect brain cells from its destructive effect (cerebroprotective action), as well as increase the overall resistance of the body to extreme factors.

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Pharmacotherapy is the most important and integral treatment method for most acute and chronic diseases in people of all ages. Drugs, entering the internal environment of the body, primarily the gastrointestinal tract, undergo a natural path of their transformation by contact with bodily fluids of the stomach and intestines, are prepared for the processes of their absorption by the mucous membrane.


Diltiazem, a drug known as calcium channel blockers, has been used to treat high blood pressure. He worked by relaxing the muscles of the heart and blood vessels. The drug has been approved in the U.S. since 1982 and has been widely used in clinical practice in many indications, including hypertension and angina pectoris, according to the study.

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Hypertension is a chronically occurring disease, a characteristic sign of which is high blood pressure. This is the most common pathology among cardiovascular diseases.


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Blood pressure can increase even in healthy people. This happens under the influence of emotional strain. With the progression of arterial hypertension, the level of pressure can be high and requires medical treatment.


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In this condition, drugs are required not only to reduce pressure, but also to treat concomitant diseases. The recommendation is also relevant for the first two stages of hypertension if the patient is diagnosed with diabetes, kidney disease or other pathologies.